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psi::dfoccwave::Array1d Class Reference

#include <arrays.h>

Public Member Functions

 Array1d (int d1)
 Array1d (std::string name, int d1)
 Array1d ()
 ~Array1d ()
Array1dgenerate (int d1)
Array1dgenerate (std::string name, int d1)
void init (std::string name, int d1)
void init (int d1)
void memalloc ()
void zero ()
void print ()
void print (std::string out_fname)
void release ()
void set (int i, double value)
void set (double *vec)
void set (const Array1d *vec)
void add (const Array1d *Adum)
void add (int i, double value)
void subtract (const Array1d *Adum)
void subtract (int i, double value)
double get (int i)
double rms ()
double rms (const Array1d *Atemp)
double dot (const Array1d *y)
void gemv (bool transa, double alpha, const Array2d *a, const Array1d *b, double beta)
void gbmv (bool transa, double alpha, const Array2d *a, const Array1d *b, double beta)
double xay (const Array2d *a, const Array1d *y)
void scale (double a)
void copy (double *x)
void copy (const Array1d *x)
void row_vector (Array2d *A, int n)
void column_vector (Array2d *A, int n)
int dim1 () const
void dirprd (Array1d *a, Array1d *b)

Private Attributes

double * A1d_
int dim1_
std::string name_


class Array2d
class Array3d

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::Array1d ( int  d1)
psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::Array1d ( std::string  name,
int  d1 
psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::Array1d ( )
psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::~Array1d ( )

Member Function Documentation

void psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::add ( const Array1d Adum)
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::add ( int  i,
double  value 
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::column_vector ( Array2d A,
int  n 
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::copy ( double *  x)
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::copy ( const Array1d x)
int psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::dim1 ( ) const
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::dirprd ( Array1d a,
Array1d b 
double psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::dot ( const Array1d y)
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::gbmv ( bool  transa,
double  alpha,
const Array2d a,
const Array1d b,
double  beta 
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::gemv ( bool  transa,
double  alpha,
const Array2d a,
const Array1d b,
double  beta 
Array1d * psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::generate ( int  d1)
Array1d * psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::generate ( std::string  name,
int  d1 
double psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::get ( int  i)
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::init ( std::string  name,
int  d1 
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::init ( int  d1)
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::memalloc ( )
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::print ( )
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::print ( std::string  out_fname)
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::release ( )
double psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::rms ( )
double psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::rms ( const Array1d Atemp)
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::row_vector ( Array2d A,
int  n 
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::scale ( double  a)
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::set ( int  i,
double  value 
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::set ( double *  vec)
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::set ( const Array1d vec)
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::subtract ( const Array1d Adum)
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::subtract ( int  i,
double  value 
double psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::xay ( const Array2d a,
const Array1d y 
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::zero ( )

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Array2d
friend class Array3d

Member Data Documentation

double* psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::A1d_
int psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::dim1_
std::string psi::dfoccwave::Array1d::name_

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