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psi::dfoccwave::Array1i Class Reference

#include <arrays.h>

Public Member Functions

 Array1i (int d1)
 Array1i (std::string name, int d1)
 Array1i ()
 ~Array1i ()
Array1igenerate (int d1)
Array1igenerate (std::string name, int d1)
void init (std::string name, int d1)
void init (int d1)
void memalloc ()
void zero ()
void print ()
void release ()
void set (int i, int value)
int get (int i)
void add (const Array1i *Adum)
void add (int i, int value)
void subtract (const Array1i *Adum)
void subtract (int i, int value)

Private Attributes

int * A1i_
int dim1_
std::string name_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

psi::dfoccwave::Array1i::Array1i ( int  d1)
psi::dfoccwave::Array1i::Array1i ( std::string  name,
int  d1 
psi::dfoccwave::Array1i::Array1i ( )
psi::dfoccwave::Array1i::~Array1i ( )

Member Function Documentation

void psi::dfoccwave::Array1i::add ( const Array1i Adum)
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1i::add ( int  i,
int  value 
Array1i * psi::dfoccwave::Array1i::generate ( int  d1)
Array1i * psi::dfoccwave::Array1i::generate ( std::string  name,
int  d1 
int psi::dfoccwave::Array1i::get ( int  i)
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1i::init ( std::string  name,
int  d1 
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1i::init ( int  d1)
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1i::memalloc ( )
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1i::print ( )
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1i::release ( )
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1i::set ( int  i,
int  value 
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1i::subtract ( const Array1i Adum)
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1i::subtract ( int  i,
int  value 
void psi::dfoccwave::Array1i::zero ( )

Member Data Documentation

int* psi::dfoccwave::Array1i::A1i_
int psi::dfoccwave::Array1i::dim1_
std::string psi::dfoccwave::Array1i::name_

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