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void opt_matrix_mult (double **A, bool tA, double **B, bool tB, double **C, bool tC, int nr, int nl, int nc, bool add)
bool opt_symm_matrix_eig (double **A, int dim, double *evals)
bool opt_asymm_matrix_eig (double **A, int dim, double *evals)
double ** opt::symm_matrix_inv (double **A, int dim, bool redundant)
double ** opt::matrix_return_copy (double **A, int nr, int nc)
bool ** opt::matrix_return_copy (bool **A, int nr, int nc)
void opt::matrix_copy (double **from, double **to, int nr, int nc)
void opt::array_copy (double *v_from, double *v_to, int n)
double opt::array_dot (double *v1, double *v2, int n)
double opt::array_norm (double *v1, int n)
void opt::array_normalize (double *v1, int n)
void opt::array_scm (double *v1, double a, int n)
double opt::array_abs_max (double *v1, int n)
double opt::array_max (double *v1, int n)
double opt::array_rms (double *v1, int n)
void opt::matrix_root (double **A, int dim, bool inverse)

Function Documentation

bool opt_asymm_matrix_eig ( double **  A,
int  dim,
double *  evals 
void opt_matrix_mult ( double **  A,
bool  tA,
double **  B,
bool  tB,
double **  C,
bool  tC,
int  nr,
int  nl,
int  nc,
bool  add 
bool opt_symm_matrix_eig ( double **  A,
int  dim,
double *  evals