Here is a list of all modules:
occdensity: Computes the Coupled-Cluster Density
occenergy: Compute the Coupled-Cluster Energy
occeom: Equation-of-Motion Coupled-Cluster
occhbar: Compute the similarity-transformed Hamiltonian
occlambda: Coupled-Cluster Lambda Equations
occresponse: Coupled-cluster response module
oCCTRIPLES: Evaluate triple excitations
odetci: The Determinant CI code
olibdpd: The Direct-Product Decomposition Library
olibiwl: I/O Library for Integrals with Labels
olibmints: Integral library
olibpsio: The PSI I/O Library
olibqt: The Quantum-Trio Miscellaneous Library
oMCSCF is a code for SCF/MCSCF computationsContains main() and global variables
oPSIMRCC is a code for SR/MRCC computations