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psi::cceom::Params Struct Reference

#include <Params.h>

Public Attributes

long int memory
int cachelev
int cachetype
int ref
int eom_ref
int local
std::string wfn
int semicanonical
int full_matrix
std::string abcd
int t3_Ws_incore
int nthreads
int newtrips
int overlap

Member Data Documentation

std::string psi::cceom::Params::abcd
int psi::cceom::Params::cachelev
int psi::cceom::Params::cachetype
int psi::cceom::Params::eom_ref
int psi::cceom::Params::full_matrix
int psi::cceom::Params::local
long int psi::cceom::Params::memory
int psi::cceom::Params::newtrips
int psi::cceom::Params::nthreads
int psi::cceom::Params::overlap
int psi::cceom::Params::ref
int psi::cceom::Params::semicanonical
int psi::cceom::Params::t3_Ws_incore
std::string psi::cceom::Params::wfn

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