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psi::cclambda::Local Struct Reference

#include <Local.h>

Public Attributes

int nso
int nocc
int nvir
int * aostart
int * aostop
int ** domain
int ** pairdomain
int * pairdom_len
int * pairdom_nrlen
int * weak_pairs
double *** V
double *** W
double * eps_occ
double ** eps_vir
double cutoff
std::string method
std::string weakp
int filter_singles
double cphf_cutoff
std::string freeze_core
std::string pairdef

Member Data Documentation

int* psi::cclambda::Local::aostart
int* psi::cclambda::Local::aostop
double psi::cclambda::Local::cphf_cutoff
double psi::cclambda::Local::cutoff
int** psi::cclambda::Local::domain
double* psi::cclambda::Local::eps_occ
double** psi::cclambda::Local::eps_vir
int psi::cclambda::Local::filter_singles
std::string psi::cclambda::Local::freeze_core
std::string psi::cclambda::Local::method
int psi::cclambda::Local::nocc
int psi::cclambda::Local::nso
int psi::cclambda::Local::nvir
std::string psi::cclambda::Local::pairdef
int* psi::cclambda::Local::pairdom_len
int* psi::cclambda::Local::pairdom_nrlen
int** psi::cclambda::Local::pairdomain
double*** psi::cclambda::Local::V
double*** psi::cclambda::Local::W
int* psi::cclambda::Local::weak_pairs
std::string psi::cclambda::Local::weakp

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