class psi4.core.MemDFJK

Bases: psi4.core.JK


Methods Summary

dfh(self) Return the DFHelper object.

Methods Documentation

dfh(self: psi4.core.MemDFJK) → psi::DFHelper

Return the DFHelper object.

C_add(self: psi4.core.JK, arg0: psi4.core.Matrix) → None
C_clear(self: psi4.core.JK) → None
C_left_add(self: psi4.core.JK, arg0: psi4.core.Matrix) → None
C_right_add(self: psi4.core.JK, arg0: psi4.core.Matrix) → None
D(self: psi4.core.JK) → List[psi4.core.Matrix]
J(self: psi4.core.JK) → List[psi4.core.Matrix]
K(self: psi4.core.JK) → List[psi4.core.Matrix]
basisset(self: psi4.core.JK) → psi4.core.BasisSet
static build(orbital_basis, aux=None, jk_type=None, do_wK=None, memory=None)

Constructs a Psi4 JK object from an input basis.

  • orbital_basis (BasisSet) – Orbital basis to use in the JK object.
  • aux (BasisSet, optional) – Optional auxiliary basis set for density-fitted tensors. Defaults to the DF_BASIS_SCF if set, otherwise the correspond JKFIT basis to the passed in orbital_basis.
  • jk_type (str, optional) – Type of JK object to build (DF, Direct, PK, etc). Defaults to the current global SCF_TYPE option.

Uninitialized JK object.

Return type:



jk = jk.set_memory(int(5e8)) # 4GB of memory jk.initialize()

jk.C_left_add(matirx) jk.compute() jk.C_clear()

build_JK(*args, **kwargs)

Overloaded function.

  1. build_JK(arg0: psi4.core.BasisSet, arg1: psi4.core.BasisSet) -> psi4.core.JK
  2. build_JK(arg0: psi4.core.BasisSet, arg1: psi4.core.BasisSet, arg2: bool, arg3: int) -> psi4.core.JK
compute(self: psi4.core.JK) → None
dfh(self: psi4.core.MemDFJK) → psi::DFHelper

Return the DFHelper object.

finalize(self: psi4.core.JK) → None
initialize(self: psi4.core.JK) → None
memory_estimate(self: psi4.core.JK) → int
name(self: psi4.core.JK) → str
print_header(self: psi4.core.JK) → None


set_cutoff(self: psi4.core.JK, arg0: float) → None
set_do_J(self: psi4.core.JK, arg0: bool) → None
set_do_K(self: psi4.core.JK, arg0: bool) → None
set_do_wK(self: psi4.core.JK, arg0: bool) → None
set_memory(self: psi4.core.JK, arg0: int) → None
set_omega(self: psi4.core.JK, arg0: float) → None
set_omp_nthread(self: psi4.core.JK, arg0: int) → None
set_print(self: psi4.core.JK, arg0: int) → None
wK(self: psi4.core.JK) → List[psi4.core.Matrix]