exception psi4.driver.PastureRequiredError(option)[source]

Bases: psi4.driver.p4util.exceptions.PsiException

Error called when the specified value of option requires some module(s) from Psi4Pasture, but could not be imported.

install_instructions = "\n Note: Psi4Pasture is currently in an experimental state with no reliable install\n procedure yet, but this is what it would look like.\n\n To Build Psi4Pasture and install the required modules within your current\n Psi4 installation\n\n >>> # clone the pasture repo\n >>> git clone\n\n >>> cmake -H. -Bobjdir -Dpsi4_DIR=$PSI4_INSTALL_PREFIX/share/cmake/psi4 {module_args}\n >>> # $PSI4_INSTALL_PREFIX is the $CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX for the psi4\n >>> # install you want to install pasture to\n\n >>> # build + install install location is detected automatically\n >>> cd objdir\n >>> make && make install\n\n See for more details\n\n Or to install using psi4's own build system add\n {module_args}\n to cmake command line when building psi4.\n "
msg_tmpl = 'Psi4Pasture module(s) [{modlist}] are required to change the default value of {opt}\n\n '
pasture_required_modules = {'RUN_CCTRANSORT': ['ccsort', 'transqt2']}

Exception.with_traceback(tb) – set self.__traceback__ to tb and return self.