exception psi4.driver.ManagedMethodError(circs)[source]

Error called when a requested level of theory and derivative level are nominally available but not for the particular conditions (e.g., reference, algorithm, active orbitals, QC module, etc.) requested.


circs (List[str]) – List providing calling function name, level of theory, algorithm, reference, QC module, and frozen-core/all-electron requested conditions.


Human readable string describing the exception.


Dictionary of conditions for which method request was made. Keys are:

  • driver : {“energy”, “gradient”, “hessian”, “properties”}

  • derivative_int : {0, 1, 2, “prop”}, integer representation of driver

  • method : str, model/method/level-of-theory

  • link : str, link address to table in docs

  • method_type : (str, str), raw value and str repr of governing variable and algorithm

  • reference : (str, str), raw value and str repr of reference type

  • qc_module : (str, str), raw value and str repr of targeted implementation

  • fcae : (str, str), raw value and str repr of all-electron/frozen-core status